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I CAN PERSIST Research Lab

Meet the Current Team

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Blair Baker

Blair is a fourth year doctoral student in the school psychology program. She is a McNair fellow whose program of research focuses on the effect of accumulated racialized experiences (Racial Battle Fatigue) on Black students in PK-12 schools. Blair aspires to be an educator and researcher in academia.

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Kuo Deng

Kuo Deng is a third year doctoral student at the Counseling Psychology program of Indiana University Bloomington. Kuo's research focuses on Asian/Asian American mental health, International students mental health, positive interventions and cross-cultural psychology.


Atrayee Mukherjee

Atrayee is a first-year masters student in the counseling psychology program at Indiana University Bloomington. Her research focuses on understanding the factors that influence women and international students’ success in their academic and professional pursuits.


Jacks Cheng

Jacks Cheng is a PhD candidate in counseling psychology at Indiana University Bloomington.  Jacks is particularly passionate about conducting affirmative and anti-colonialist research about intersectional experiences of race, gender, sexuality, and language on career development and organizational behaviors.

Oless Photo.png

Oliver Lees

Bio forthcoming


Nelson Zounlome

Nelson is a McNair Scholar, Ford Predoctoral Fellow, and Counseling Psychology doctoral student. His program of research focuses on studying different phenomena among communities of color. In the lab, Nelson is leading two scale development projects: 1) a measure of Racial Battle Fatigue, 2) a measure of resiliency among students of color attending PWIs. 

Li, Y. +, Wilkins-Yel, K. G., Powless, M. D. +, Lau, P. L., Cheng, J. +, Wong, Y. J., & Biggers, M. (2018, August). Men in STEM, join us: Recommendations on how male faculty can support female students' persistence. Poster presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.


Hyman, J.E., David, J., Murphy, Q., & Wilkins-Yel, K.G. (2017, March). Rainbows in a Red State: Queer People of Color in Trump’s America. Poster presented at the National LGBTQ Health Conference, Chicago, IL.


Staton, E.G. +, Lees, O. +, Deng, K. +, Li, Y. +, & Wilkins-Yel, K.G. (2018, August). Perceived impact of globalization on Asian international students' post-graduation decision-making. Poster presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.


Zounlome, N. +, Wilkins-Yel, K. G., Wang, L. +, Smith, K. +, Matthias, H. +, Anderson, C. +, & Marimiriofa, C. + (2018, August). Persisting Through: Development and Validation of the Students of Color Resiliency Scale. Poster session presented at the Division 17 SAS/CCPTP Student Poster Session at the Annual American Psychological Association Conference, San Francisco, CA.


Sparks, P.+, Wilkins-Yel, K. G., Zounlome, N.O.O.+, & Mukherjee, A+. (2018, August). Can I Count on You? The Role of Graduate Advisors in Promoting STEM Persistence in Women of Color. Poster presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.


Wilkins-Yel, K. G., Grimes, J. +, Gumbiner, L.M. + (2017, March). Let’s Talk: A Program Evaluation of an Abbreviated Diversity Dialogue Initiative. Poster presented at the Great Lakes Regional Counseling Psychology Conference, Munice, IN.

Recent Conference Presentations

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