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Person-Environment Fit


A secondary line of work investigates the extent to which the fit between person-variables and environment-variables promote academic and career success among college students.

Wilkins, K. G., & Tracey, T. J. G. (2014, August). An Expanded View of Interest-Major Congruence: Examining Alternative Models of the Congruence – Outcome Relation. Poster session presented at the meeting of the Division 17 SAS/CCPTP Student Poster Session at the Annual American Psychological Association Conference, Washington,

Wilkins, K.G., & Tracey, T.G. (2013). Person-Environment Fit and Vocational Outcomes. In M. Coetzee (Ed.), Psycho-social career meta-capacities: Dynamics of contemporary career development (pp. 123-138). Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.


Wilkins, K. G. (2013, August). Methods of examining Person-Environment Congruence and their relation to vocational outcomes. In symposium, Thorny Issues in Vocational Interest Assessment (P.A. Gore, chair), presented at the 2013 Annual American Psychological Association Conference. Honolulu, HI.

Wilkins, K. G. (2012). Person-Environment Fit and Vocational Outcomes. Poster presented at the 2013 International Conference: Life Designing and Career Counseling: Building Hope and Resilience. Padova, Italy.

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