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Cross-Cultural Career Development

This line of research examines the influence of career constructs such as career adaptability and interest-major congruence on the academic and career development of cross-cultural groups. Embedded within this work is an examination of the cross-cultural applicability of U.S. based career constructs and assessments in international samples. These efforts have been made possible through collaborations with colleagues in Trinidad, Malaysia, Italy, Turkey, and Jamaica.  

+ Denotes student co-authors

Lau, P.L., Wilkins-Yel, K.G., & Wong, J. (Accepted). Indirect effects of self-concept on work readiness through resilience and career calling among Malaysian students. Journal of Career Development.


Wilkins-Yel, K. G., Roach, C. M., Tracey, T. J., & Yel, N. (2018). The effects of career adaptability on intended academic persistence: The mediating role of academic satisfaction. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 108, 67-77.


Staton, E.G. +, Lees, O. +, Deng, K. +, Li, Y. +, & Wilkins-Yel, K.G. (2018, August). Perceived impact of globalization on Asian international students' post-graduation decision-making. Poster presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.


Vardarlı, B., Özyürek, R., Wilkins-Yel, K. G., & Tracey, T. J. (2017). Examining the structure of vocational interests in Turkey in the context of the personal globe model. International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, 17(3), 347-359.


Reid Marks, L., Coleman, M.L., Stenersen, M., Sanders, S., & Wilkins-Yel, K. (2017, August).  The Status of Health Psychology in Jamaica:  A Qualitative Study.  Poster presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association (APA), Washington, DC.


Wilkins, K. G., Roach, C., Forde I., & Tracey, T. J. G. (2015, August). The Relationship Between Career Adaptability, Satisfaction, and Career Certainty among Caribbean students. Poster presentation at the Division 17 Society of Vocational Psychology Student Poster Session at the 2015 Annual American Psychological Association Conference. Toronto, Canada.


Wilkins, K. G. (2015, August). Are These Scores Comparable? Examining Methodologies That Influence Cross-cultural Research. In S. Sodano (chair), Challenging Assumptions about Measurement Improves Validity in Counseling Psychology Research. Symposium at the Annual American Psychological Association Conference, Toronto, Canada.

Wilkins, K. G., Lewis, H., Roach, C., Ramkissoon, M., Cuffie, J., Maynard, D.M., Wynter, J., Forde, I., & Tracey, T. J. G. (2014, November). A Cross-Cultural Examination of The Relation Between Interest-Major Congruence and Academic Outcome. Poster presented at the 2014 Caribbean Regional Conference of Psychology, Paramaribo, Suriname.


Wilkins, K. G., Santilli, L., Ferrari, L., S., Nota, Tracey, T. J. G., & Soresi, S. (2014). The relationship among positive emotional dispositions, career adaptability, and satisfaction in Italian high school students. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 85, 329-338.


Wilkins, K. G., Nota, L., & Tracey, T. J. G. (2014, July). Career Adaptability and Satisfaction among Italian Youths. Poster session presented at the Biennial Conference of the Society for Vocational Psychology, Coimbra, Portugal.


Wilkins, K. G. (2014, June). Cross-Cultural Applicability of the Personal Globe Inventory (PGI). In symposium, Personal Globe Inventory (PGI): A new way of assessing and presenting interests (T.J.G. Tracey, chair), accepted at the 2014 National Career Development Association (NCDA) Conference. Long Beach, CA.

Wilkins, K.G., Ramkissoon, M., & Tracey, T. J. G. (2013). Structure of interest in a Caribbean sample: Application of the Personal Globe Inventory. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 83, 367-372.


Wilkins, K. G., & Tracey, T. (2012, August). Structure of Interest in a Caribbean Sample. Poster presented at the 2012 Annual American Psychological Association Conference. Orlando, FL.


Wilkins, K. G, Sheu, H.B., & Tracey, T. (2011, August). Examining the influential factors of Asian international students’ career development. Poster presented at the 2011 Annual American Psychological Association Conference. Washington, DC.


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